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BizReport : Advertising archives : June 01, 2010

New platform connects marketers with affluent demographic

There is a fairly new demographic in the US and UK that many marketers are missing out on. Hispanic? No. African? No. Russian? Not so much. The South Asian demographic is huge in many ways, both in size and in spending potential. The problem is that many marketers aren't sure how to target or gain the trust of these savvy shoppers. Enter the new Samosa Digital, a vertical online ad network.

by Kristina Knight

samosadigital.gif"I think the reason something like Samosa Digital is so compelling is because, in the comScore Top 100 sites, how do you find a specific ethnic group?" asks Joelle Kaufman, senior vice president of marketing with Adify, Samosa's partner. "South Asian Americans are an affluent, educated community and the best way to reach them is to engage with content which is relevant to them. Whether that be food or movies or other options. But, [marketers] will only find this content with publishers or providers who are already part of the demographic."

That is where Samosa Digitalcomes in. The platform connects advertisers with this highly-sought-after demographic through content and information. The platform divides content into different channels which gives marketers even more options. For instance, a marketer targeting South Asian teens could focus on movie content or information while marketers hoping to connect with working moms within the demographic could concentrate on more lifestyle content.

"Prior to [Samosa Digital] there wasn't anything to unify the targeting for this demographic. We put it all together," said Franklin Philips, founder of Samosa Digital Network. "Around 87% [of the demographic] have completed high school, 58% hold at least a Bachelor's Degree. These are affluent Americans who aren't part of the mass of pop culture so [marketers] can't always find them."

Their estimated buying power? Roughly $20 billion, for Southeast Asians in the US alone.

One benefit of using Samosa's platform is that they don't collect personal or private information from the consumer base; the information collected is according to site so consumers can feel more protected.

"Let's say you sell iPad's," said Ms. Kaufman. "The Southeast Asian community is technologically savvy and they are early adopters. The ad should include information about the demographic - which Samosa can help to do. The ad should be optimized to give the best engagement and results by placing the ad next to appropriate content, which will impress the discerning audience."

But, don't think just any old ad will do. Southeast Asians are hugely involved in their culture and are most influenced by others within the demographic. Here are Mr. Philips' tips for targeting within the demographic.

First, utilize the culture. "We are very family-centers. We instill culture and tradition so advertisers targeting the demographic need to make note of that," said Philips.

Second, utilize peer reviews. "We make choices based on suggestions from community members. We take what other South Asian's say more seriously than what other cultures say."

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  • I learned something important when I took my technical writing certification. When writing to any ethnic group outside your own, you need a native speaker from that culture.

    We are not the same, we do not think the same and most importantly, we do not speak or use the same words to express the same things.

    Before marketing to any culture, remember you cannot speak their language and do not know how they feel. Find someone who does. You can easily end up offended them with a symbol or expression that we use, but they do not appreciate.



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