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BizReport : Internet : June 03, 2010

Most press releases distributed without links, multi-media

In an online digital world, where content can be created and shared in multiple formats, it is surprising to find many press releases are still distributed without even so much as a hyperlink.

by Helen Leggatt

Earlier this year a survey by press release distribution firm RealWire found that just 13% of press releases could truly be considered "multi-media", which they defined as containing content other than just a company logo.

"In an online digital world where content can be created in multiple mediums and then shared in social media communities, it is surprising, and a little disappointing, to see such a small proportion of PR stories taking advantage of these opportunities," said Giles Shorthouse, RealWire Business Development Executive.

But, perhaps things are looking up.

A new survey, this time from Business Wire, seems to show otherwise. It found that 85% of the 300 respondents to its survey included a hyperlink in their press releases.

That's quite a difference.

However, it seems Business Wire doubts the accuracy of the results of its own survey. Why? Because analysis of their own vast files of press releases, around 1,000 new ones each day, found that only around 13.5% of issuers used hyperlinks - more in line with RealWire's findings.

Why the disparity?

According to BusinessWired, the Business Wire blog, "Perhaps those on Twitter and who attend our webinars - where the poll was administered - are a bit more savvy to new media tactics than the rest of our clients. Hard to say. But it's an interesting disconnect in the numbers."

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