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BizReport : Email Marketing : June 29, 2010

GetResponse: Which types of content are most likely to be shared

With the advent of social media many marketers have lessened their use of traditional banner advertising and email to favor of 'meeting up' with potential customers in social networks. The flaw to this message is that marketers likely already have an engaged list of consumers from email campaigns; these lists should be used to enhance social networking rather than social network marketing taking over all advertising efforts.

by Kristina Knight

getresponse.jpgA recent study from GetResponse, the Email and Social Integration Report, found that ad click-throughs increased by 55% when email messages are shared through social networks. The key to clicking, of course, is the content. So, is your email content the right mix of information and call to action?

Researchers found 96% higher click-throughs from emails with video options and coupons, as always, are a favorite for sharing. The key to any type of email and socially shared content, according to GetResponse founder and CEO Simon Grabowski is for the information to be relevant and engaging.

"The email recipient and social user should receive the same offer and content, and hopefully 'pass it forward' by clicking on or more of the 5 social sharing icons," said Grabowski. Coupons, contests, surveys and giveaways are always good engages, he said. "[Coupons are] still the primary driver for brand fans, sharing and sales. Contests can create buzz, but there are legal and regulatory considerations. Surveys and Giveaways...can deliver valuable VOC data and even leads. Users will share if the giveaways are attractive, the survey short and the questions interesting."

But don't include too much copy. Why? A consumer won't read a fifteen page consumer story in an email or click through several pages of a report on a social network. The content must be engaging and part of that is to keep the message relevant, relatively short, interesting and current - so don't include metrics or responses from three years ago. The content needs to be as fresh as possible.

"Tone, style, personality, and transparency are all extremely important when brands engage in social networking. [Brands/marketers] must learn to listen, and respond appropriately, and to offer valuable, interesting content that is both 'talk-and share-worthy'," said Grabowski. "That's why too many contests, giveaways, etc. can be perceived as 'gimmicky' if not complemented with consistently useful and interesting content. In other words, one without the other is bound to fail. One final point: e-commerce still struggles with the 'tone' of social media, as e-commerce is about selling, not having conversations. So you'll notice that pure-play retail seems to be doing the best. Perhaps because they are more versed in the art of one-on-one sales and persuasion? Also because retail is very visual, and everyone loves media!"

You can read Part I of my interview with Simon Grabowski here.

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