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BizReport : Blogs & Content : June 18, 2010

FIFA World Cup underscores video's untapped potential

For just over a week now consumers across the globe have been infatuated with one thing: football (soccer, to those of us in North America). They are talking football, watching matches and sharing photos and buzz about the World Cup tournament. As the FIFA World Cup has returned to public consciousness, consumers have tuned in to televised broadcasts in droves. But the internet is seeing it's fare share of football viewers, too.

by Kristina Knight

As the USA-England game came to an end viewers were wagging their keyboards about the play of English goal-keeper Robert Green and US goal-keeper Tim Howard. Green received about 11% of the total buzz related to the World Cup after their last minute play while Howard saw his buzz factor shoot through the roof - to the tune of a 750% increase week over week.

"Nielsen's analysis illustrates just how much the online community discusses these games," said Pete Blackshaw, vice president of insights at Nielsen. "Moments of greatness - or even the briefest of errors - can thrust any of these players' names under the social media microscope for hours and days at a time and can have an effect that spreads far beyond the 90 minutes of game time."

And it isn't just video that is getting attention. Apps geared toward the games are hot, too.

According to information from Conduit's App Marketplace, the Plus! Sports World Cup App reached more than 10 million users in the first 36 hours it was promoted with Conduit. Fans using the app can stay abreast of game scores, statistics, game times and information about specific stadiums. Conduit estimates that, since the app's launch, it has been exposed to more than 220,000 web publishers and 100 million users within Conduit's Network.

"The World Cup draws millions of users from all over the world," said Alex Shamash of ZoneMedia. "Our Web App, created on the Conduit Platform, not only helped up to generate constant engagement with fans, but also expose our content to millions of new fans that are interested in the World Cup that were not familiar with our brand and content."

The 2010 Winter Olympics and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament showed similar trends but in smaller numbers. The majority of online viewership for the NCAA Tournament was within the United States and, while the 2010 Olympics drew a global audience, many of them turned to specific national hubs for news and clips. The viewership for the World Cup is also turning to national hubs, but they are then taking their favorite clips or moves, creating their own shareable images and creating more buzz on the Internet.

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