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BizReport : Advertising archives : June 25, 2010

3 tips to reduce ad's value erosion

The online marketplace becomes more crowded by the day, but that doesn't stop more marketers from logging on or from experienced marketers from launching yet another display advertising campaign. The real problem? Because of the crowdedness of the market consumers are more and more removed from the advertiser. To stop this trend marketers need more impactful advertising.

by Kristina Knight

Did you know there is more to online advertising than slapping a display ad up next to appropriate content and letting the consumers find you? In truth, this approach may work in the short run, but over time the value of ads will erode, which is why marketers need to be proactive. Here are three tips to stop the value erosion of online ads.

"Advertising needs to be supported by its environment," said Jarvis Coffin, Burst Media CEO. "Marketers can make huge strides with their display advertising by associating it with proper content. A humble banner or skyscraper ad can go a long way to building rapport and awareness with a target audience if the audience is engaged by relevant content."

Tip #1: Contextually target the ad. Using the context of the content ensures that the content is actually relevant to the advertiser rather than being a by-product of similar wording.

"Brands and web publishers are separated in the online display market by a wide gulf crowded with third-party providers like ad networks, DSPs and SSPs" said Coffin. For that reason, Coffin suggests a uniform message from marketers rather than one ad for Publisher A, another for Website C and so on.

Tip #2: Use a single message with multiple formats.

"My wife accuses me regularly that she has to tell me things three times before I pay attention. And I love my wife. Advertising, not so much. Brands need one clear message supported by multiple creative executions in order to break-through to the consumer."

Tip #3: Insist on transparency. Because of the number of ad networks, DSPs, SSPs and the like consumers are inundated with advertising everywhere they go online. Marketers who insist on knowing where ads are placed, what the content is and what other advertising is there can make more educated decisions on where, when and how to place ads.

"[Advertisers] will have to pay more, of course [for media cost and placement transparency], for the value of knowing and choosing," said Coffin. "If the value is not a requirement or if the price is the only consideration, then the brand has either lost its way with regards to the affects of advertising on its image in the marketplace or still lives with the idea that the Internet is about cheap reach and click-throughs."

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