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BizReport : June 29, 2010 Archive

June 29, 2010 Archive

Email Marketing | June 29, 2010

GetResponse: Which types of content are most likely to be shared

With the advent of social media many marketers have lessened their use of traditional banner advertising and email to favor of 'meeting up' with potential customers in social networks. The flaw to this message is that marketers likely already have an engaged list of consumers from email campaigns; these lists should be used to enhance social networking rather than social network marketing taking over all advertising efforts. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 29, 2010

comScore: Consumers now mapping smartphones

Consumers like maps. There is no denying it. Whether plotting an upcoming trip, finding a better way to survive the morning commute or giving directions to visitors mapping sites are a favorite hub. New research from metrics firm comScore finds that smartphones are becoming go-to devices for maps. >>

Search Marketing | June 29, 2010

Three is the magic number for search queries

The number of words consumers use when searching online has been increasing over the years. Recent research by ad network Chitika pins down the magic formula. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 29, 2010

British World Cup chat takes place on mobile, social media

How do football fans communicate with each other during the World Cup? According to new research from the IAB and ESPN their primary digital channels are social media and mobile. >>

Social Marketing | June 29, 2010

BabyCenter dissects social moms' online influence

One of the largest online pregnancy and parenting communities has released new data that dissects moms' social influence and gives an insight into the mindsets, behaviors and influential impact of five unique segments of social moms. >>

Social Marketing | June 29, 2010

Study: Moms are 'influenced' or 'influencers', which you should target

When it comes to Mom Marketing there are two distinct camps, one which may hold more promise for brands in the online space. The two categories are the Influencers and the Influenced and - kudos to you for guessing - the Influencers are in the category which marketers should focus upon. >>