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BizReport : June 28, 2010 Archive

June 28, 2010 Archive

Mobile Marketing | June 28, 2010

College students favor mobile phone comms over computers

Marketers looking to communicate with students might want to take a look at the results of a recent study that shows smart phones, not computers, are their entertainment and communication tool of choice. >>

Social Marketing | June 28, 2010

Which words encourage shareability on Facebook?

If you want to make your social media communications spread far and wide on Facebook then take a look at a social media scientist's tips for which words to use, and which to avoid, in titles. >>

Email Marketing | June 28, 2010

GetResponse: How to increase email, social compatibility

How many times have you heard, "It's all about the content," over the past few weeks? Probably too many to count. But new research from the GetResponse "Email and Social Integration Report" indicates that content really does matter when it comes to email and social sharing. Why? Because the better the content associated with the deal offered the better chance your list members will share the details through social networks. >>

Ecommerce | June 28, 2010

Retailers: Coupons benefit you, too

While most marketers consider only the benefit of coupons to the consumers who clip and redeem them, information from Compete underscores the benefit of the coupon to the retailer offering the deal. According to the Compete Online Shopper Intelligence study only about one-third of coupons are used online. >>

Ecommerce | June 28, 2010

Report: eGift Cards pushing consumer interest

When it comes to moms and dads, it seems more and more kids are taking the easy - meaning gift card - way out. Why? Most will say it is because their parents are very hard to buy for, but really the reasons don't matter. What matters is that etailers can take advantage of the trend as we move into the 2010 holiday shopping season. >>

Social Marketing | June 28, 2010

Virgin America adds Klout to Twitter marketing

It seems consumers can get a return on their investment engaging with social media, too. In the case of Virgin America, Twitter influencers are being rewarded for their time spent with Twitter with free round-trip airfares. >>