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BizReport : June 18, 2010 Archive

June 18, 2010 Archive

Search Marketing | June 18, 2010

Hitwise: Vuvuzela buzz reflected in search figures

Recent data from Hitwise, with a World Cup twist, has confirmed the U.K.'s obsession not only with football, but also with perhaps the most annoying sporting accompaniment ever - the vuvuzela. >>

Advertising | June 18, 2010

Facebook's top performing video ads reward gamers

After analyzing a variety of major video advertising campaigns from top brands, video ad network Tubemogul found some of the most engaged online viewers to be from a source not primarily associated with video content - Facebook. >>

Ecommerce | June 18, 2010

Google announces Commerce Search tool improvements, slashes price

Google has updated its Commerce Search tool, giving shoppers a better search experience and allowing online retailers to better customize retail site search services. >>

Research | June 18, 2010

Quantcast: Android responsible for 20% mobile browsing

iPads and iPhones may hold the bulk of news headlines over the last few months, but according to a new report consumers are just as enthralled with Android devices. According to the latest numbers from Quantcast, Android devices are now responsible for about 20% of all mobile web browsing, a nice bump year over year and a potentially threatening move for Apple's i-devices. >>

Blogs & Content | June 18, 2010

FIFA World Cup underscores video's untapped potential

For just over a week now consumers across the globe have been infatuated with one thing: football (soccer, to those of us in North America). They are talking football, watching matches and sharing photos and buzz about the World Cup tournament. As the FIFA World Cup has returned to public consciousness, consumers have tuned in to televised broadcasts in droves. But the internet is seeing it's fare share of football viewers, too. >>

Search Marketing | June 18, 2010

Search engine gives brands unique information

When it comes to search most marketers are focused on keyword trends and search engine optimization. But there are other uses for search, primarily the ability to get real time information from local consumers. This is where Sency's search engine separates itself from other, more traditional engines. >>