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BizReport : Advertising archives : May 05, 2010

Microsoft urges advertisers to adopt Dwell metric

With more and more advertisers using rich media in display advertising, the success of an ad can't be pinned down to just click-through rates. Instead, a wider variety of metrics is required to establish to what extent consumers are engaged.

by Helen Leggatt

One such metric was introduced by marketing agency Eyeblaster. Dubbed "Dwell", it quite literally refers to the amount of time a user "dwells" on an ad. Depending on the nature of the ad this could mean time spent viewing video, how long the mouse was over an ad, time spent expanding an ad or other methods of engagement.

In a new study by Eyeblaster, produced in collaboration with Microsoft Advertising and comScore, the value of Dwell as a metric is analyzed. Calculated as the amount of time a user spends engaging with an ad multiplied by the rate of engagement, Dwell time appears to be directly related to a consumer's behaviors towards a brand after exposure.

According to the report, entitled "Using Dwell to Measure Advertising", "users who were exposed to campaigns with a high Dwell are more likely to search for brand related keywords as compared to users who were exposed to campaigns with a low Dwell." In addition, "users who were exposed to campaigns with a low Dwell increased brand related keyword searches by 12%, as compared to the control group, while users who were exposed to campaigns with a high Dwell increased brand related keyword search by 39%, as compared to the control group. This shows that campaigns with high Dwell are 3x more effective at driving search than campaigns with a low Dwell."

In fact, so much more effective at measuring ad campaign success is Dwell as opposed to traditional metrics that Microsoft is urging advertisers to adopt it as "the de facto measure for digital brand campaigns and to only resort to click through rates and page impressions for simple direct response campaigns", reports the U.K.'s Association of Online Publishers.

Video, in particular, increases Dwell, according to an Eyeblaster study carried out towards the end of last year. It doubles Dwell time and increases Dwell rate, or the number of ad impressions leading to users engaging with an ad, by 20%.

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