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BizReport : May 18, 2010 Archive

May 18, 2010 Archive

Trends & Ideas | May 18, 2010

YouTube turns 5 and hits viewing milestone

There's no pause for video mega-site YouTube's growth as it cruises into its fifth year and celebrates a viewing milestone. >>

Social Marketing | May 18, 2010

Alterian: Traditional marketing is dead

Ad dollars spent on one-way conversations and mass broadcast media are being wasted on a new breed of consumer that wants genuine interaction on an individual basis, according to a new report from Alterian. >>

Advertising | May 18, 2010

Product placement in social games proving fruitful

You've spotted the odd iPhone and Pepsi can in a movie scene, haven't you? The brand exposure can be immense, particularly in the case of a box-office hit. Now the same product placement exercise can be implemented online - in social games. >>

Email Marketing | May 18, 2010

5 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, many brands in the travel/hospitality sectors believe they are hitting every note and converting as many consumers as possible. But a recent report from StrongMail indicates many of these brands are making errors which are costing them in both the long and short runs of campaigns. Read on for the 5 Deadly Sins...of Email Marketing >>

Advertising | May 18, 2010

Rubicon Project: Increase in online ad spend indicative of overall economic recovery

The sheer number of investments in, launches of and improvements to online advertising platforms, companies and umbrellas is one sure sign that the general economic climate is improving. That, according to the Rubicon Project's 2010 Online Advertising Market Report. Researchers found that in Q1 of 2010 the Rubicon Project 20 Index increased by 25%. >>

Ecommerce | May 18, 2010

Report: Search paying off for retailers

Online retailers, chain stores and even catalog companies are quickly learning more of the benefits of search, at least according to a recent Internet Retailer report. Researchers polled more than 100 online-only retailers, stores and brands and found that 25% of traffic is coming on-site thanks to either natural or paid search. >>