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BizReport : May 17, 2010 Archive

May 17, 2010 Archive

Advertising | May 17, 2010

With mid-term elections up soon, Goodway Group layers targeting program

In the US one of the big spending areas expected to help bring the online ad market back up to pre-recession speed is the upcoming mid-term slate of elections across the country. Although many forecasts expect the bulk of advertising dollars to be spent offline, the online arena is one area where the pols can find and engage consumers more efficiently, which should bring some of that spend into the space. A new targeting option from Goodway Group may bring even more of the political spend into the arena. >>

Research | May 17, 2010

Is your campaign ready for differences in the US Hispanic sector?

Chances are it isn't. Why? Because many marketers and brands seem to be under the assumption that all Hispanics in the United States should be targeted or messaged in the same way. Which is just silly considering the breadth and depth of the population. >>

Advertising | May 17, 2010

LucidMedia launches self-serve DSP

For those of you who are do-it-yourself marketers, a new platform could make the online ad world slightly more negotiable. This week LucidMedia launches a self-service, demand side platform (DSP) for advertisers. The platform should help with both targeting and ad optimization. >>

Advertising | May 17, 2010

Top Google exec claims half of advertising will be digital

A top Google executive has made the bold claim that 50% of advertising will be digital in the next five years as advertisers move more of their budgets towards online and mobile activity. >>

Social Marketing | May 17, 2010

Ciao: British businesses embrace honesty of social media

During a recent U.K. event, Internet World, Bing's shopping service and Britain's leading consumer community, Ciao, took the opportunity to quiz advertising and e-commerce professionals about their attitudes toward social media and user generated content. >>

Social Marketing | May 17, 2010

New ad network bursting with moms.

Burst Media has launched the "Burst Moms Network" for advertisers who want to reach moms online while minimizing media waste. >>