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BizReport : May 6, 2010 Archive

May 6, 2010 Archive

Ecommerce | May 06, 2010

Quarter of Americans plan to shop online for Mother's Day

Consumers plan to spend more on their moms this coming Mother's Day than they did last year. The same goes for dads, but to a lesser extent. Either way, many are going to shop online. >>

Ecommerce | May 06, 2010

Rocket Fuel launch optimizes brand in real time

Rocket Fuel has launched a new tool to help brands better optimize their online communications through automated targeting options and metrics. The platform works in the display space by first profiling customized audiences for each branded campaign. The consumer information is then layered with demographic, lifestyle and purchase history among other factors. The key is that all of the information is offered in real time, giving marketers direct insight into how campaigns are faring. >>

Research | May 06, 2010

comScore: Loyalty may not be enough in economic pinch

Loyalty may not beat price point, at least at this point in the economic recovery. That, according to a recent comScore report which found that even loyalty consumers are influenced by price point as they try to save more money. The report finds that, although most consumers want to continue showing loyalty to their favorite brands, they are now finding price point a dictator of exactly what brands they buy. >>

Ecommerce | May 06, 2010

Dotomi launches Promo Builder

There is a new tool on the horizon which may help brands create buzz about promotions and new products. Called Promo Builder, the tool from Dotomi gives brands the ability to create personalized display media which can then be used cross-channel. >>