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BizReport : May 5, 2010 Archive

May 5, 2010 Archive

Advertising | May 05, 2010

Microsoft urges advertisers to adopt Dwell metric

With more and more advertisers using rich media in display advertising, the success of an ad can't be pinned down to just click-through rates. Instead, a wider variety of metrics is required to establish to what extent consumers are engaged. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 05, 2010

Women want the mall on their mobiles

Retailers not yet on the mobile bandwagon really ought to hop on, particularly as women charge ahead in their use of the mobile Internet in their day-to-day lives - particularly when it comes to shopping. >>

Research | May 05, 2010

Socnet users "oversharing", risk privacy

It's good to share, but many social network users are sharing a little bit too much information which could put them at risk from cyber attacks, according to a new survey from Consumer Reports. >>

Email Marketing | May 05, 2010

Lovebug Virus: 10 years later all is well. Right?

Ten years ago the Lovebug virus infiltrated computers around the world throwing consumers - and sometimes government offices - into turmoil. Ten years later many consumers think viruses are a thing of the past and that any anti-virus software will protect them. The truth? Consumers, businesses and brands are still very susceptible to viruses and malware because many attacks go undetected until it's too late. >>

Social Marketing | May 05, 2010

InXpo's new suite integrates social, gaming, virtual worlds

We all know the social, gaming and virtual worlds are exploding with consumer usage of late, but for many brands getting into all three areas with the same message at the same time is proving difficult. This is where a new suite of tools from InXpo may come in handy. Called the Social Suite it offers marketers a single platform in which to use all three areas simultaneously. >>

Advertising | May 05, 2010

Report: Inbound marketing shows increase as outbound slows

When it comes to lead generation, inbound seems to be the better bet, at least for now. According to a recent Hubspot repot inbound marketing has shown a slight increase year over year while outbound marketing has declined by about 5%. More than half of businesses plan to increase inbound marketing efforts this year. >>