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BizReport : Search Marketing : April 20, 2010

Updated platform gives access to advanced SEO toolkit

Research is the key to every ad campaign. But some research is simpler to conduct than other forms of research. WordStream has updated their PPC and SEO platform to include custom keyword research, analytics and optimization tools which should help search marketers convert more consumers.

by Kristina Knight

wordstream.pngCalled WordStream for SEO, the suite of tools analyzes and suggests keywords by layering metrics and grouping keywords. This helps the tool to move quickly, giving marketers results in a more timely fashion. There are also plug-ins which can be used by bloggers, giving content producers the ability to focus in on specific words or phrases.

"The Blog SEO plugin is the next step in the evolution of smarter SEO tools, and is a must for anyone who creates Web copy on a regular basis, be it a marketer, blogger, PR professional or social media marketer," said Larry Kim, Founder and Vice President of Product Development at WordStream. "By integrating keyword research with content authoring, this tool helps make your copy more powerful, compelling and SEO-friendly, so it gets found by search engines and persuades more people to take action."

The tools will personalize results by mining website data, analyze keywords according to actual site visits or other campaign goals and will organize keywords, giving marketers greater access to segmentation.

According to a recent eMarketer report the overall online ad spend (US) is expected to increase by about 5% in 2010, with search leading the way. The search spend is expected to increase by about 15% this year. Display is expected to see a 13% increase and digital video, a subset of the display category, is expected to grow by about 30%.

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  • Haven't tried Wordstream Tool but will try to use it soon so I could see the big difference in conversions and SEO progress.

  • It is really important to have the right SEO platform so that when you start working on your own campaign you get the right research and the correct answers to whatever it is that you need answersd to. Thanks for the article.



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