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BizReport : Viral Marketing : April 05, 2010

'Other' may be the premium marketer response to viral video

When it comes to video marketing are you hoping to increase campaign ROI? Market share? Other? Other may be your best response according to a recent BrandWeek report. Why? Because the most recent top viral video ads (from 2009) all showed increases for their brands - but few showed revenue increases.

by Kristina Knight

Take bottled-water brand Evian. Their 'roller baby' ad was the most viewed online ad for 2009. But the brand actually saw sales drop and their market share sag for the same time period. Why? Yes, the recession was likely a factor, but according to BrandWeek, increasing ROI may not be the optimal goal for video advertising. Instead, their researchers suggest that while marketers should push for creativity and virility in ads, they should also only expect elevated brand awareness or online traffic to branded sites.

Even though the goal of online video should be increasing revenue, traffic or engagement marketers shouldn't spend too much time trying to 'come up with' an ad that will go viral. Why? Because there is no way to predict exactly what video will take hold of consumers' psyche and cause them to view, share, re-watch and share some more. So the goal should be to create interesting creative with a strong call to action in an engaging environment.

Along with AdAge, Visible Measure is reporting on the top viral video ads for the past week. For the week ending March 25, 2010 the top five viral ads were from Doritos, Evian, Muscle Milk, Sony/Playstation Movie and Old Spice.

But it isn't enough for consumers to share videos they like; they need to participate in the message and so do advertisers.

"Do comments matter? Well, yes. According to Visible Measures, about 20% of all views of Super Bowl spots (18 million) were socially driven, meaning viewers distributing the video on their own through Facebook, blogs and links passed around via Twitter. Increasingly, advertisers aren't just trying to impress an audience, they need them to participate, too," writes Michael Learmonth, AdAge ( ">via Visible Measures).

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