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BizReport : Internet : April 12, 2010

Not true that younger generations won't pay for digital content

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone demands content for free. A new whitepaper from Ad Age Insights found that even the most demanding digital content consumers, the teens and young adults, understand there is sometimes a price to pay.

by Helen Leggatt

OnDemand White Paper Cover.04052010.jpgYoung adults, teens and tweens have been brought up in a world where media is easily accessible and the choice of channels and content is immense.

In fact, they spend over seven and a half hours a day with media. Many have drawn the conclusion that this means those generations are less likely to accept having to pay for it.

However, a new whitepaper from Ad Age Insights, "The On-Demand Generation", found that this isn't necessarily true. Their research found that even these media saturated generations realize that some content commands a price, be it monetary or via watching or participating in advertising.

"To them, the value of content online can be just as worth a price tag as cable or network TV shows and they're also -- surprisingly -- not averse to advertising," according to Ad Age's Beth Snyder Bulik, author of the report.

"But it better be good advertising, and it better not take more than a nanosecond to load."

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