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BizReport : Social Marketing : April 26, 2010

HubSpot finds Twitter follower count sweet spot

How many Twitter followers does it take to make the medium a successful lead generator? This question, pondered by many a marketer, has been answered by Hubspot.

by Helen Leggatt

In its recent study, "2010 State of Inbound Marketing", Hubspot discovered the "sweet spot" for the number of Twitter followers B2C companies needed to generate a lift in leads.

According to the study, between 100 and 500 Twitter followers is enough to realize a rise in leads. Companies with this amount of followers generally experienced 146% more monthly leads than those with between 21 and 100 followers. Typically, a B2C firm with up to 20 Twitter followers will generate 11 leads per month, while those with between 100 and 500 will get 35.

hubspot twitter sweet spot diagram.JPG

However, if the number of Twitter followers exceeds 500, there is no discernible rise in lift. In fact, B2C companies with 501 or more followers witnessed a 9% decrease in leads to 32 per month. This is potentially down to the ratio of highly engaged followers being diluted.

The HubSpot research also showed that businesses who blog on a regular basis can expect to generate up to 15 new leads a month. This number appears to correlate positively to the number of blog articles posted - more blog posts leads to more leads.

In fact, earlier this year Hubspot discovered that small businesses that blog have 102% more Twitter followers than those that don't.

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  • @m3 ds real: you can either look at your log's or use a service like Google analyse to track where your traffic comes from.

    I'm not surprised that small business with blogs do better, it makes so much sense to combine the two and with an app like twitterbrite it no more trouble to post to twitter then post on a blog.



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