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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : April 14, 2010

Criteo personalizes retargeting ads

Retargeting ad capabilities have been available for more than 10 years, but still some marketers either aren't using the capabilities or aren't using the capabilities correctly. To get to more information on what works in retargeting, I chatted with J.B. Rudelle, CEO, about Criteo's personalized retargeting solution. Read on for the details.

by Kristina Knight

criteo.jpgKristina: Tell me why personalizing retargeted ads is a better solution...

J.B.: The retargeting concept allows online retailers to reengage with visitors that have previously visited their site by displaying banners to these lost prospects across the internet. The most basic standard retargeting displays a single static banner creative to all of their lost prospects. However, Criteo has not only innovated on the banner technology side but also on the business model. Retargeting has traditionally been sold on a CPM model where retailers pay for all banner impressions regardless of their performance. What Criteo brings to the market is a pure CPC model where retailer pays per click - therefore paying only for ready-to-buy customers that click back to their website.

Kristina: How does Criteo's platform work?

J.B.: Criteo offers e-commerce sites a "one-stop-shop" full-service solution to retarget their customers across the internet. This includes everything from customized banner creation, media planning, media buying, ad serving and real-time reporting. There are no set-up or implementation costs to setting up a campaign - advertisers only pay per click. Criteo is able to find an e-tailers lost prospects across the web by placing an anonymous cookie on their browser while on the e-tailers website. When Criteo finds these lost prospects, we generate a personalized banner for that specific user in real-time. This dynamic personalized banner will display up to 10 relevant products the user has previously viewed or has a high probability of buying - like a "mini-boutique" inside the ad. Criteo displays over 4 billion unique personalized retargeted banners every month worldwide.

Kristina: What response have advertisers using Criteo's personalized solution seen?

J.B.: Advertisers have seen click-through-rates and conversion rates at 4 times higher than other retargeting solutions. These are rates which are comparable to what retailers are seeing in paid search.

Kristina: Why is paying per click more beneficial for the etailer?

J.B.: By offering a pure CPC model to advertisers, Criteo takes all of the risk on themselves. Criteo is able to do this because of their superior technology which enables them to serve the right banner to the right person at the right time therefore maximizing the viewers probability to click on the ad. The advertiser is also in full control of their CPC. They can increase and decrease their CPC based on the volume of click they want to receive back to their website. This is all upside for the advertiser since they never get any surprises and they know they'll only ever be charged for the clicks from users who are returning to the site and not for the impressions generated.

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