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BizReport : Social Marketing : April 28, 2010

3 ways to increase your social profile

The social space isn't going away. In fact, some experts believe the future of the Web is in the social space. They look at the number of people on socnets, the number using socnets to send and receive information and come to one conclusion: social isn't a fad, it's a future. How can small businesses use social networks to their advantage? Here are three tips to build your social profile.

by Kristina Knight

First, optimize, optimize, optimize. Just as you optimize your landing pages for search engines your social profiles should be optimized. How to do that? It's all in the content. Use branded keywords to describe your company, link to your official website wherever possible and use your branded name rather than a personal name wherever possible. In other words, rather than starting a Facebook or Twitter feed as "Joe Smith", use your branded business name, "Brand X".

Why? Because the links and content information created within social networks are available for indexing by the big search engines. Optimizing your profile information will push search results for your brand higher.

Second, keywords, keywords, keywords. Building off of Tip #1, each time you update your status, tweet your followers or post a link you should be using keywords. What keywords? Use your brand name for starters. Then, take a look into Google Analytics or the trending topics areas of Facebook and Twitter to see what social consumers or even your competitors are talking about - and build your post, tweet or update from there. Then, don't forget the site links. In Twitter you'll need a URL shortener but in Facebook you can link directly - and even provide an image if you'd like.

Here is an example of a 'bad' social post: Happy Wednesday, followers! We're having a free shipping promo today, so surf over now to make your purchases!

Here is an example of a 'good' social post: Happy Wednesday, Brand X members! With only two weeks until Mother's Day, we're offering a free shipping special on some of mom's favorite things (include a link to the Mother's Day specials page here). Brand X, where convenient shopping and free shipping meet! (include a homepage link here)

Third, location, location, location. Once your profile is optimized and your team is ready to dive into the social space identify three or four locations where your voice can add value. Build links to your website by syndicating content in these locations, by making content shareable and even linking back to your website. You can link to longer blog posts, link to daily deals or link to a cause which you've decided to support.

The key with social marketing is to be in the space daily, branding all social posts and using appropriate linking strategies to push more search engine results.

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  • Kudos Kristina! This is a great article that's easily understood by non-techies! And not to put too fine a point on it; companies must acknowledge that they need to increase their presence in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Youtube to be competitive. Larger companies know this already. Our research shows that 71% of large companies have a facebook fan page. 84% have a wikipedia page! Your keyword advice increases the likelihood that organizations will be found when sought. Reasonable activity in each social network is a great supplement, too. I suggest that it is equally important to share how you can be found in each of these networks, too! Ford Motor Company as example prominently displays its social "fingerprint" at the bottom of its home page. A good fingerprint enables effective Social Business Listening for your customers and others who are interested in "listening" to the goings-on of your company.

    Thanks for the great post!


  • Hello, this is very useful for small business owners and in particular members of the handmade community who are often totally reliant on social networking to market their products..

    However one suggestion...I really wanted to tweet this to my twitter following (of mainly handmade commmunity members) and to put it on my facebook page, but there was no option to do that. Please add a tweet this link.

    Susie (Lynwood Jewellery)



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