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BizReport : April 28, 2010 Archive

April 28, 2010 Archive

Mobile Marketing | April 28, 2010

Mobile ad spend in Britain shows strong signs of growth

New data from the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers shows spending on mobile online marketing rose by nearly a third in 2009. The 32% rise in expenditure took Britain's mobile ad spend to $57.4 million. >>

Email Marketing | April 28, 2010

MessageLabs: SPAM tied to Windows OS

New research out from MessageLabs shows a changing of the guard in Botnet World. According to the latest numbers from MessageLabs, the Rustock botnet is now the largest, most active botnet, surpassing Cutwail over the past month. Researchers have also tied SPAM senders to the Windows Operating System. >>

Social Marketing | April 28, 2010

3 ways to increase your social profile

The social space isn't going away. In fact, some experts believe the future of the Web is in the social space. They look at the number of people on socnets, the number using socnets to send and receive information and come to one conclusion: social isn't a fad, it's a future. How can small businesses use social networks to their advantage? Here are three tips to build your social profile. >>

Blogs & Content | April 28, 2010

Study: Content sites make better ad buys

Although brands must diversify when it comes to online ad buys, a new report from the Online Publishers Association indicates that diversifying within one segment - that of original, quality content - is a bigger overall benefit to the marketer. According to the report ads scored higher when placed on original content sites rather than portals or ad networks. >>