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BizReport : April 9, 2010 Archive

April 9, 2010 Archive

Search Marketing | April 09, 2010

Reports: Click Fraud continues to be a growing problem

Although the click fraud rate is up again for the online industry as a whole, for social networks, the rate is down. A new report from Click Forensics finds that the click fraud rate on social networks is just over 11% compared to the overall click fraud rate of 17.4%. >>

Advertising | April 09, 2010

Will the new Nike/Tiger Woods commercial fly or flop?

When it comes to the consuming public, marketers know they have a fickle base. Consumers like a product, then don't like it. They advocate for a brand and then fall off the bandwagon. When it comes to customer loyalty it is a true tightrope for brands to walk. That tightrope has a lot of consumers - and marketers - tongues wagging about the new Nike/Tiger Woods commercial. >>

Search Marketing | April 09, 2010

Study: Etailers, Anti-Virus struggling with SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, it seems that nearly everyone is struggling. SEO firm Conductor is giving the Internet Retailer 500 a 'D' for visibility in the SEO ranks. They are also waving the red flag at anti-virus companies, who only appear in the top five natural search positions about 5% of the time. >>