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BizReport : Social Marketing : March 08, 2010

Why community building is better than simple social marketing

When it comes to social marketing many brands are doing themselves a disservice by simply creating a social profile or tweeting deal ads to followers. Sure, this gives the consumer a reason to visit a website, but for a truly integrated social campaign marketers need to take their social profile to the next level. That includes building a community the consumer will return to time and again, and that means more than deal tweeting.

by Kristina Knight

ripple6.jpgRich Ullman, senior vice president of marketing with social media company Ripple6 sees social marketing as a way to create relationships between brands and consumers.

"There are so many different ways to get into social - there are profile pages, customer service options, contact information," said Ullman. The problem he sees with social campaigns is that big businesses are simply trying to advertise to the consumers there.

"What's happened is that [display advertising] has driven down the value [of campaigns] because there is such a glut of inventory and ads," he said.

Ullman sees too many brands treating social marketing like display ads, counting clicks rather than collaborating with the consumer. To get a different response, Ullman suggests treating social platforms differently and offering consumers more than a daily deal or coupon.

"What we've found is that there are clicks, campaigns, collaboration and integration. When you look at all of the people on the island of social media, it is one island of people who are gathering to share information," said Ullman. "These tend to be consumers or smaller businesses. There are also 'other' residents and these are usually bigger brands. They look at social as another component of an overall campaign. [Marketers need] the longer brand value response. They should be looking for consumers who want to add value over the long haul rather than to buy only one product."

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  • derrickthomas

    Social Bookmaking is good way to increase our site traffic and improve our site rank.

  • Successful communities, those that ultimately help drive revenue, are those that first _provide_ something of value. Merely adding the capabilities isn't nearly enough. The only reason we participate in any community (online or otherwise) is that we receive something of value from the community. That value might be acceptance, sympathy, free stuff, etc... Net: first give, then receive.



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