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BizReport : Advertising archives : March 31, 2010

Study: Do female voice-overs influence more purchases?

When it comes to advertising messages, women may have the upper hand in soothing and persuading consumers. That, according to a recent Harris Interactive/AdWeek Media poll. The question is, does the female voice lead to more conversions...or not?

by Kristina Knight

harris.jpgPollsters asked which voice - male or female - was more persuasive, soothing and forceful. Female voices were chosen as the more persuasive and soothing voices. Men, it seems, are more forceful in advertising.

The poll found that 48% of US adults find male voices to be more forceful, 46% of adults found female voices to be more soothing and 19% found female voices to be more persuasive. However, for big-ticket items like computers and cars respondents didn't seem to care about soothing, persuasive or forceful. 28% (car purchases) and 23 (computer purchases) said male voices were most likely to convert a sale than a female voice. Only 7% responded that a female voice would sell either a car or computer to them.

Some consumers don't care what type of voice is used - they listen only for the message and not the male or female tones. Nearly 70% reported that the message would see a computer or car, not a male or female voice.

While all three forms of advertising voice are important, consumers in this poll were shown to be more influenced by the style of ad than by the gender of the voiceover. But, if you remember those Advertising 101 classes, you'll remember that many professors and textbook authors insist that soothing and persuasive voices are the best option for advertisers.

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  • It all depends on the product that is being sold, soothing will work for some things and deep persuasive will work for others.

  • An inherent flaw in the study is that it is a "poll"..The effect of voice-overs are subliminal. I may get influenced by a voice without my knowledge which has to be studied by comparing different brands that use different voice-overs and the corresponding effect on sales..



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