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BizReport : Trends & Ideas archives : March 26, 2010

Game over for traditional gamer stereotypes?

It appears the geeks shall inherit the earth as a new survey identifies gamers as today's leaders and innovators - and social, hygienic ones, at that.

by Helen Leggatt

That's right, the withdrawn, spotty, teen stereotype has been washed away and replaced by an outgoing, hygienic and social beast, according to Giant Realm's Gamer Lifestyle Survey.

Out of 2,700 males, aged 18 to 32, Giant Realm discovered that three-quarters owned at least one gaming console. Did owning a gaming console make these men withdraw from social lives and grooming products? Apparently not.

In fact, Giant Realm claim that the gamers they surveyed were more social, more likely to use a variety of personal grooming products and get more dates than non-gamers.

Don't believe me? Here are their stats:

- Two-thirds (67.4%) of gamers have gone out with friends in the past week, compared to 54.9% of non-gamers.

- Gamers are more likely than non-gamers to use a number of personal care/grooming products, including deodorant, shaving products, body wash, disposable razors and hair grooming/styling products.

- Gamers are more likely than non-gamers to hit the gym (28.1% vs. 22.1%).

- One-third of gamers have gone out on a date in the past week compared to only one-quarter of non-gamers (35.6% vs. 25.1%).

Apparently, managing a social life around gaming makes gamers a powerful and persuasive bunch. "Gamers are the leaders and innovators of today," said James Green, president of Giant Realm. "They are social, they are more active online than any other segment of society and they are more likely to influence their peers than the other way around."

And they smell nice, apparently.

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  • Dexter Sylopolous

    Bill Gates once addressed a graduating high school class with the following closing remarks:

    "Be nice to the geeks, the nerds, and the dorks. You're going to end up working for all of them."



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