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BizReport : Social Marketing : March 30, 2010

Facebook plans to change fan wording

Soon, Facebook users will no longer "Become a Fan" of brands and services but instead will be forced to "Like" them instead, according to recent reports.

by Helen Leggatt

The "Like" button will take on the same functionality related to subscription and membership as the "Become a Fan" button once did, reports ClickZ. That means if a Facebook user clicks on "Like" they will receive newsfeed info and updates from that advertiser.

The "Like" button has already gained immense popularity among Facebook users. It's applied to their friends' status updates, photos and links regularly. According to Facebook, people click "Like" almost twice as much as they click on "Become a Fan". According to recent reports, the replacement "Like" button will somehow be differentiated from the current format.

When explaining the reason for the change in wording Facebook said, "Like" offers a light-weight, consistent way for users to connect with the things they are passionate about. This lighter-weight action for connecting to a Page on Facebook means that users will be making more connections across the site, including your Facebook Page".

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  • ilan peer

    maybe facebook doesn't realize that all the counts for 'likes' came from promotional campaigns and marketing efforts,

    that indulged users to 'like' other users submissions as a standard way of rating.

  • michaeljpastor

    Ugh! Yet again, Facebook proves that it doesn't have a clue about what socializing is all about. "Become a Fan" and "like" are NOT the same thing. "Become a Fan" is "adding a person who isn't a friend into your update feed" while "like" is a shortcut for having to write "me too!" (and if you're a veteran Usenet user, something we hated when people did, but was a feature we all wished we had). In the meantime, despite the legions of people asking for a "dislike" button, they won't implement one.

  • Sneaky Facebook



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