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BizReport : March 30, 2010 Archive

March 30, 2010 Archive

Trends & Ideas | March 30, 2010

Survey identifies new MMOG genre - MMOG Lite

Online gaming is gaining in popularity among demographics not normally associated with gamers leading to an expansion in the genre of MMOGs and a new audience, according to a new survey from DFC Intelligence and Live Gamer. >>

Email Marketing | March 30, 2010

Is your email opt-out process short and sweet?

How many clicks do you make your email recipients execute in their bid to leave your list? According to new research, too many retailers are requiring three or more clicks to opt out and that is too many. >>

Social Marketing | March 30, 2010

Facebook plans to change fan wording

Soon, Facebook users will no longer "Become a Fan" of brands and services but instead will be forced to "Like" them instead, according to recent reports. >>