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BizReport : March 10, 2010 Archive

March 10, 2010 Archive

Social Marketing | March 10, 2010

StumbleUpon launches personalized ad recommendation engine

One more social tool has been released this week that should help marketers and brands get a better handle on social conversations. With the launch of StumbleUpon's Advertising platform brands and agencies now have the ability to target ads according to conversation. The platform is said to give consumers personalized ad recommendations; personalizing the ad space is a way for publishers, brands and agencies to create a deeper engagement with online content. >>

Social Marketing | March 10, 2010

Social gamers will interact with brands in return for virtual currency

The vast majority of social gamers would be willing to undertake a marketing action in return for virtual currency, according to new research soon to be released by comScore. >>

Research | March 10, 2010

Mind the generation gap

Marketers looking to fine-tune their campaign targeting should be interested in new data from Nielsen concerning the unique shopping needs and wants of each major generation in the U.S. >>

Advertising | March 10, 2010

Tips for better integrated marketing campaigns

Just as in real estate where location is key, in online marketing integration is becoming the new key. Marketers are finding that, rather than focusing only on keywords or video or email they need to integrate email with video and the social space to truly engage consumers. >>

Ecommerce | March 10, 2010

ImpulsePay offers mobile payment solution

A new payment is available for app developers, content producers, publishers and even etailers in the mobile space. ImpulsePay has created a system which directly collects payments from a consumer mobile phone bill or available credit information, making it simpler to make purchases in the mobile space. >>

Blogs & Content | March 10, 2010

ShareThis makes it simpler to find, monetize content

We're talking a lot about social marketing this week, in part because the social space is such a high-profile area for both marketers and consumers. As more consumers create accounts more marketers come into the social space. The problem with this is that the social space is now becoming cluttered with a lot of content and many messages are getting lost in the shuffle. How can you, as marketers, still be heard? >>