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BizReport : Search Marketing : February 19, 2010

Fortune 500 + Natural Search = SEO Fail

Despite the metrics and information available to optimize search engine optimization, Fortune 500 companies continue to struggle with the medium. According to the Conductor Research Q4 2009 report only about 25% of Fortune 500 keywords rank amongst the top 50 natural search results. The report further indicates that Big Business isn't linking paid search keywords to SEO campaigns.

by Kristina Knight

This is the second year in a row that Conductor Research has outed Fortune 500 companies as behind in keyword search. According to a 2008 study only 8% of Fortune 500 company search campaigns showed a 'mid to strong presence'.

Together, these businesses spend millions each day on nearly 100,000 keywords. Why, when small and medium sized businesses are succeeding are the Fortune 500 brands disconnect with search?
Researchers found:

• More than 50% of Fortune 500 companies had nearly zero search engine visibility
• 32% had 'very low' search visibility
• 14.6% had 'low' keyword search visibility
• Only 25% of companies show up in the Top 50 natural search listings, an increase over 2008's 17%

So, why is Big Business failing at natural search? Some suggest that it is more difficult for big business simply because they don't spend the time to better organic listings. Unlike paid search, Fortune 500's cannot buy their way to the top. Still it would seem simple for these industries to pay for quality content and then structure the data included on-site for optimization purposes.

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  • Businesses trying to buy their way to the top of SERPs is a constant battle, and a business in itself (that costs much more than most businesses probably have yet to figure), in which the only winner(s) is/are the recipient(s) of their PPC dollars. SEO is their next and only bet. What happens when (hypothetically) they all get it right? About 375 F500 companies, divided by 10 SERs per page is 37.5 pages. This is why "PPC recipients" are nervous. This is why they are concentrating on "other things" (distractions) and ignoring the problem they can't fix: the pay per click model. In any event, there are millions of SMEs out there, which inversearch is trying to help. There are a lot of people still gambling on PPC. Looking forward to you posting some information, statistics and/or a study about small business.

  • Yes, this report is absolutely right, as per my personal 5+ year of SEO, SEM, SMO Experience, i had have seen that the fortune company would like to easily go with paid placement instead of organic. But i hope they get advantage of paid placement, because it flourish its product in very very less time on the globe.



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