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BizReport : February 25, 2010 Archive

February 25, 2010 Archive

Internet | February 25, 2010

Symantec survey finds 100% of businesses hit by a cyber loss in 2009

Norton Anti-virus developer, Symantec, found that 100% of the businesses they surveyed regarding Internet security had been hit by a cyber loss last year - that's right, every single one. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 25, 2010

Two-thirds of the human race have a mobile phone subscription

By the end of 2010, another 400 million mobile phone subscriptions will have been signed up, according to a new report from the International Telecommunications Union, taking the global total to over 5 billion. >>

Advertising | February 25, 2010

Study: Display ads push search

If you have display but no search or search but no display chances are your campaigns aren't performing to peak. That, according to new research from digital ad solution firm Eyeblaster. Their report indicates that search is stimulated by properly targeted display ads, especially in the consumer packaged goods category. >>

Ecommerce | February 25, 2010

gWallet launches Brand Bar platform

There's a new player, or at least a new platform, in the world of virtual currency solutions. This week gWallet, a social monetization firm, released its new Brand Bar offering. The Brand Bar is placed at the top of gaming screens on all gaming pages to display offers and video clips. Consumers participate by clicking onto the videos or taking advantage of the offers, earning virtual cash to use within the game. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 25, 2010

Time spent with mobile internet increases

When it comes to mobiles not only are consumers not talking, they're spending more time not talking. And that is a good thing. According a recent Ruder Finn report Americans are spending nearly 3 hours using mobile phones to access the Internet, use social networks and even to manage their finances. Yes, they are still talking via mobile, but because consumers are doing so much more, mobile marketers and providers have an opportunity to do more as well. >>

Social Marketing | February 25, 2010

English language dominates Twitter... for now

The number of tweets in English has dropped from two-thirds to half since last year, according to Paris-based Internet research firm, Semiocast. >>