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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : January 11, 2010

Want more blog traffic? Tweet all your blog posts.

Looking for a way to get more traffic to your blog? Have you tried using Twitter to broadcast your posts? No? Well, perhaps it's about time you did.

by Helen Leggatt

A recent HubSpot survey found that small businesses that blog have 102% more Twitter followers than those that don't.

Why? Probably because blogs, as opposed to websites, are more content-dynamic and a great resource to keep interested parties up to date with what's happening in your company and industry and Twitter users are looking for just such updated information.

Add to that the fact that by following a blog on Twitter the blog posts are "pushed" to the followers almost immediately, rather than them having to actively check out each blog they subscribe to several times a day for updates, and you have a valuable traffic generation scenario.

Your Twitter followers are valuable and, if nurtured and fed properly, can increase your blog traffic dramatically.

At the recent CES, Guy Kawasaki recently offered a number of pointers as to how to use Twitter efficiently, dispelling some myths along the way. Here are just a few of his observations, more can be found here.

- Ensure your tweets are interesting - interesting enough for your followers to re-tweet them. As Guy explains, "Retweeting is the sincerest form of flattery. A person who retweets is saying I think what you said is interesting enough that I am risking my reputation to send it to other people."

- Mix and match your tweets. In between tweeting your blog posts you could search out related links to information your followers might find interesting or retweet other posts you have enjoyed.

- However, do try to abstain from "meforming" or, in other words, simply tweeting about yourself and what you are doing. According to a study by professors at Rutgers University only about 20% of users are tweeting informational content. While a blow-by-blow account of Stephen Fry being stuck in traffic might be interesting to his fans, unless you're of similar celebrity status it probably isn't going to appeal to many.

- Don't be scared to share a particular blog post on Twitter more than once. Some news agencies tweet their stories more than once, safe in the knowledge that not all their followers saw their tweet the first time around.

- Tweet everything on your blog. If you don't think it's interesting enough to broadcast on Twitter to your followers, then why did you post it on your blog in the first place?

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