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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : January 29, 2010

Study: Customers will return if problems are solved

When it comes to customer satisfaction and bad customer experiences, retailers know the problem must be solved quickly. Why? Because unhappy customers spread the word, which means an unresolved issue could lead to many more lost customers. The key is knowing when consumers are upset and to do that marketers must have a finger on the pulse of the community.

by Kristina Knight

A recent report from the ">National Association of Retail Marketing Services shows that ten customers are lost for every one complaining customer. That means many more consumers are experiencing problems than are reporting them. The good news? The report also shows that fixing the problem in a timely manner results in 95% of the lost customers returning to the fold.

So, the question is how do brands and retailers listen to the public without intruding on the community?

The first step is to ask consumers about their experiences, not just with the product but from the beginning of their in-store or online purchase. Offer a survey and ask them what was good, bad or ugly. This will give an indicator of where attention needs to be spent.

Second, give the buyer an easy outlet to 'talk' - either through message board, email or phone conversations - with a customer service agent to resolve the issue.

Third, monitor the social space. There is a lot of talk about the validity and usefulness of social marketing efforts. Having staff who listen to social conversations - and contribute to those conversations if necessary - is not a waste of time. The growing number of consumers who are sharing information through socnets warrants marketers' attention on the space. By knowing what is said, both negative and positive, marketers are more in control of brands' reputation.

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  • Anonymous

    Absolutely true, when it comes to customer satisfaction retailer should always make sure that they satisfy one customer who will bring them and make them the benefit of other 5 new customers. If they fail they will loose that one customers as well.



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