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BizReport : January 13, 2010 Archive

January 13, 2010 Archive

Mobile Marketing | January 13, 2010

Older generations getting to grips with text messaging

Older generations are certainly getting the hang of 'new-fangled' technology such as the Internet and social networking. But now, it appears there's nowhere in the digital universe that grandparents can't go, as a report from mobile messaging solutions provider, Tekelec, discovered. >>

Ecommerce | January 13, 2010

New tool calculates financial impact of slow page load times

Page load time is a big issue. Consumers expect an immediate response from a website, no matter which network or device they access it from. For some marketers speeding up their webpage load times isn't high on their list of priorities, but perhaps a new tool that calculates the financial impact of sluggish sites will make them take a closer look. >>

Blogs & Content | January 13, 2010

Brand Safety: How to survive a scandal

Nearly a month since the Tiger Woods scandal broke and brands are still running scared. From him and from other athletes or celebrities paid to endorse products. But this running from scandal isn't necessarily the right move, instead brands need to be prepared for scandals before they break by properly managing not only an ad campaign but where the ads in every campaign are placed. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 13, 2010

How to use mobile to engage consumers

This week Searchandise Commerce, a media network for manufacturers and retailers, released a mobile application that may help manufacturers and merchants use mobile to engage consumers. The HitList Mobile release allows manufacturers or retailers to deliver specific product information to consumers as they search the mobile web. >>

Viral Marketing | January 13, 2010

Online video viewing up 13% for December

One more reason to invest in online video advertising: online video viewing continues to grow at the consumer base. According to the latest research from Nielsen, consumers spent 13% more time viewing video clips in December (Year over Year), a sign that marketers need to take to heart. >>