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BizReport : December 14, 2009 Archive

December 14, 2009 Archive

Social Marketing | December 14, 2009

Facebook Connect celebrates successful first year

Facebook Connect is celebrating its first birthday with some well-deserved back-patting after clocking up millions of users across a huge number of websites and devices. >>

Trends & Ideas | December 14, 2009

Internet coupon use rising but newspapers still main source

Newspapers are still the main source for coupons, according to new research from Borrell Associates. But, while online coupons currently represent just 5% of redemptions this year, they account for 20% of the value of all redeemed coupons. >>

Ecommerce | December 14, 2009

comScore: $20 billion in ecommerce so far

The holiday shopping season continues chugging forward and etailers continue to reap the benefits. According to the latest numbers from metrics firm comScore the online holiday spend is nearly $20 billion with almost two full shopping weeks until the big day. So far this holiday season ecommerce has grown by 4%. >>

Blogs & Content | December 14, 2009

Consumers won't wait for video

If your video streams are buffering often or for long periods of time, you could be losing out. According to a recent TubeMogul study consumers will not wait for online video that takes a while to load, to run or that stops often to buffer. Instead, they'll leave your site for other video options. >>

Blogs & Content | December 14, 2009

Newspapers need a new business model

The headline should come as no surprise. Newspapers do need a new business model as marketers continue trying to engage consumers in a more targeted way than placing ads in the local or national dailies. What may be a surprise is that, despite the fact that ad revenues continue to decline newspaper readership and circulation continue to grow. >>