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BizReport : December 1, 2009 Archive

December 1, 2009 Archive

Advertising | December 01, 2009

Twitter/4INFO launch Text-to-Twitter advertising

Twitter and 4INFO have joined forces to bring "Text-to-Twitter" advertising to publishers and advertisers who are seeking users to sign-up for their Twitter feeds via SMS. >>

Ecommerce | December 01, 2009

Online retailers - is your postal service really delivering?

A Which? survey in the U.K. has found many consumers aren't happy with the manner in which goods they have purchased online are delivered or, indeed, the state in which some packages arrive. How in control of delivery are you? >>

Social Marketing | December 01, 2009

Pingdom: Majority of social sites dominated by women

Since social media became the darling of marketers, much research has been done to discover who uses it and why. Many reports point to women being the more social of the two sexes, and a recent study from Pingdom comes to a similar conclusion. >>

Advertising | December 01, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: Why light leads are better than simple clicks

In the online marketing world it is all about the lead, but because so many marketers are concentrating on clicks, leads sometimes fall by the wayside. Why is this? Because clicks are relatively easy to measure, leads and engagement levels are harder to determine, but can be much more lucrative to the savvy marketer. >>

Advertising | December 01, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: How to improve digital campaigns

When it comes to advertising, most marketers are thinking about converting shoppers, not adding value - or entertainment - to the online consumer's experience. Evolution Bureau takes a different approach to online advertising by allowing marketers to create digital campaigns that engage, entertainment and entice consumers to share their experience. >>

Research | December 01, 2009

Report: Hulu's time may have come

Although YouTube/Google sites continue to rule the online video universe, several smaller video hubs are making strides and catching the attention of more consumers. Among the fastest growing video sites is Hulu which delivered a record 856 million video views for the month of October. Research further shows that more than 84% of the total US online audience is currently watching online video clips. >>