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BizReport : Email Marketing : November 05, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: How to help your startup to succeed

Over the past two years the global economy has staggered. In the US, the unemployment has risen to an all-time high of nearly 10%. The interesting news, however, is that many of these 'laid off' or 'downsized' workers aren't job-hunting. They are striking out on their own as entrepreneurs. The bad news is that many of these entrepreneurial spirits won't make it without a better game plan - one that includes all aspects of online marketing.

by Kristina Knight

implix.gifAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 just over 10% of the American workforce were those working in 'small business'. These workers are likely self-employed or working for a company with fewer than 10 full-time employees. Sound implausible? It isn't. From contractors to etailers, they are moving into the business world and hoping for better job security.

So, how to begin? First, come up with a strategy.

Simon Grabowski founded the online marketing firm Implix ten years ago because he saw a need for this type of firm in his own existing business. "When I started I had a need for it myself. I was selling books over the Internet but I wasn't interesting in doing email or in manually following up [with customers]. I wanted an easier way and this is how it developed."

Since start-up, Implix has grown exponentially; it now employs 100 people around the world and has 100,000 active small and medium business users in its system.

With social media exploding, many smaller businesses are trying to discover how to include social aspects in their email campaign. Recommendations, inserted video and simply integrating email marketing messages into the social networking space.

"Social media is huge. We're seeing so many small businesses jumping in. . .Email marketers are Tweeting status update and adding social 'friends/followers' into their email lists. But one of the biggest interest areas is video. Historically, video email has been hard to achieve for smaller businesses because of the number of steps that are needed: businesses have to record a spot, publish the spot, post the spot and past that code into the email before sending the message. Our new GetResponse 6.0 changes that so video can be recorded and published in one step."

Although social is exploding, crossing social with a more experienced ad medium may benefit entrepreneurs more because of the list building capabilities.

"Email is do deeply embedded in the consumer. Everyone sends email, whether business or personal. It is an easy way to stay in touch and I think email isn't going anywhere because there is nothing that can replace email."

The key, as with all advertising mediums, is the message. Grabowski says personalizing video as much as possible is crucial.

"Consumers want to see other people. They want that personalization," Grabowski said. "We're finding the most efficient video emails are people talking to people - it's the face of the brand talking directly to the consumer and making an offer from there. This is getting the best response rate, at this point."

The second step? Remember that the 'offer' doesn't have to be a coupon, free shipping or discounts for loyal, return buyers.

"The offer can be educational. It can be a how-to type email rather than a straight 'buy this product because. . ." type of message," said Grabowski.

Finally, don't forget your promises. Grabowski says some email marketers are becoming lax in their mailing etiquette.

"Marketers still aren't catering to their lists. They aren't sending often enough or they are sending too often. You have to be up front about email mailings and you have to maintain what you promise. If you promise one email each week, you have to send that one email. No more and no less."

And above all else, think about the business model you developed when launching the company. By keeping that business model alive and making money, entrepreneurs will make money and survive the worst recessions.

"From my experience it is surrounding yourself with the right people. You have to find the people who are better than you at something. Be careful who you choose to work with and maintain those relationships."

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  • It saddens me to know that most people who start their own businesses fail for lack of game plan. And the author of this news article has a lot of good suggestions, one of which I particularly wish all marketers will honor. But no, instead of just one email a week, they ply you with quite a few each day.

    Evelyn Guzman

    http://www.homebusinessstep... (If you want to visit, just click but if it doesn’t work, copy and paste it onto your browser.)

  • i agree suround your self with good people great advice. great article.



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