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BizReport : Advertising archives : October 27, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: The Keys To Better Rich Video

When it comes to rich media, we all want it. But when it comes to the consumer, many times the message is getting lost in the delivery. Either they don't understand the message in rich media/video ads or they are simply not paying attention until the content they want comes on-screen. The solution? Create more engaging ads for the rich media space, but it isn't a simple solution for many.

by Kristina Knight

Recently I had the chance to chat with Bryan Hjelm, vice president of marketing with Unicast, which provides ">full service, rich media ad solutions for marketers and publishers. These solutions include analytics, campaign management and creative services.

"We optimize existing advertising assets and develop new ones from scratch, including engagement-based campaigns and on-demand services," said Mr. Hjelm. "Throughout the campaign, we work with our clients closely to ensure that all trafficking of ads post-sale deliver smooth rollouts and meets the requirements of the campaigns."

One place rich media has taken hold and pushed more revenue is Hollywood, where movie studios have been using aggressive rich media campaigns to engage consumers around the world. The key? They have the content and they know how to use it.

"Studios can offer a compelling experience that consumers are likely to respond positively to," said Mr. Hjelm. "Additionally, Hollywood franchises naturally have content that invite word of mouth, positioning them for a successful campaign within the realm of social media marketing. You'll be hard pressed to find a rich media ad for a movie that does not contain the function to share content through social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc. On the technical side, thanks to the penetration of broadband, advancements in 3D, software development tools and emerging mobile trends - the process of rich media campaigns are now streamlined and there is a much more customizable playground for advertisers."

How can smaller marketers compete with the large, Hollywood machines? By watching what Hollywood does and putting that on a smaller scale. For example, a Hollywood movie campaign will include scenes, music, voice-overs. Smaller marketers can't compete with that, but they can take the story-type that Hollywood is using and put it on their own scale.

"Small to midsize businesses can. . .leverage the tools to present content in a way that resonates with audiences, which may include rich media within their media buying. The beauty of rich media is that nearly any feature that a creative agency can think of can be executed within an ad; Facebook or Twitter integration, geo targeting, download of coupons or other files from ad units, add HD video, email, SMS, dynamic content, the sky is literally the limit with respect to what any advertiser can do to attract the attention of their target audiences. As with all types of online media, ensuring that relevant content is at the heart of the campaign and delivering them through appropriate channels will mean that the target demographic are more likely to be receptive to your message," said Hjelm.

One thing to remember: rich media is not one size fits all. Not all marketers need or should use rich media to try to reach consumers. From high production costs to a message that will be better received in an interactive display model, marketers need to weigh why they want to use rich video rather than jumping at the chance to include a rich video element in a new campaign.

"Rich media is a powerful tool when used in coordination with other online ad mediums and will elevate overall effectiveness of all vehicles used in a campaign," said Hjelm. "To improve the way marketers are using this medium: use rich media responsibly, take advantage of formats and features that will resonate well with your target audience and optimize your ads based upon ad performance and interaction data."

Finally, if rich media is the next level for the brand, use it wisely and remember the message. It must be clear, concise and have an easily actioned 'call to action'.

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