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BizReport : Ecommerce : October 02, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: Cross-selling is key for online merchants

Social marketing may be the hot buzzword in the online realm - at least for the next fifteen minutes - but when it comes to completing sales and earning revenue, older methods still reign supreme. Display advertising, cross-promotional ad campaigns and even cross-selling. With the cross-sell, merchants can offer products related to a current purchase to consumers, pushing more conversions.

by Kristina Knight

One problem merchants face, however, remains processing fees

"The primary reason we founded UpClick was to eliminate costly processing fees, but since those fees were so ingrained in the industry and accepted as a cost of doing business, it took a while for people to realize the true value of our platform," ">said Daniel Assouline, CEO and co-founder of UpClick. "People were more interested in the fact that we could help drive new revenue through cross-selling opportunities and provide additional exposure through our affiliate network."

But now that the economy is recovering, merchants are putting more ad dollars in the online space, beefing up e-commerce hubs and generally looking for a bigger return on their investment. Which is where cross-selling comes in.

"What our customers have in common is their extensive use of two powerful channels for driving traffic: search engines and affiliate marketing," said Assouline. " In addition, cross selling is a great method for driving additional traffic to your site. Cross selling your products on other sites is a great way to reach customers who are interested in related products and already actively involved in the buying process. That makes them ideal targets to push back to your site. The trick to effective cross selling is to understand the customers' needs and present them with the right solution when they're most likely to be receptive to your suggestion."

Another tip from UpClick? Don't forget the international marketplace. There is an entire, online world available to most marketers and online merchants but many remain focused on their country, state or region.

"Never underestimate the size of your potential international customer base. Many online retailers are hyper-focused on their own region, but you can easily double or even triple your potential customer base with a few simple steps," said Assouline. "When looking at an international audience, little things go a long way, for instance making sure the right language is set as default, having prices displayed in the correct currency and in a user friendly format (for instance €19.95 is more attractive than €20.37) and offering multi-lingual customer service."

You can read the first half of BizReport's interview with Daniel Assouline, UpClick's CEO and co-founder here.

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