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BizReport : Research archives : October 16, 2009

Do you know the difference between young Canadians and Americans?

Demographic targeting, especially for targeting younger consumers, is one of the hottest trends in online advertising. But, did you know that all young adults are not the same? Young Americans feel differently about culture, the environment and even online behaviors than, say, young Chinese consumers. This means marketers may need to create or target an ad differently in different countries. A recent report from research firm Ipsos sheds light on some of the differences marketers need to know about Young Canadians and Young Americas.

by Kristina Knight

First, the similarities. Young Americans and Young Canadians (age 18-34) all rate health care, employment and education as the top three issues in their respective countries. But, Americans were found to be more traditional and domestic compared to Canadians with younger Americans more likely to marry, own a home and travel close to home.

Paul Lauzon, Senior Vice President with Ipsos Reid said, "[Young] adults are critical points for marketers and decision makers... this group is growing in their consumption, gaining in their economic value, and asserting their preferences regarding lifestyle and brand choices. Knowing how they think and act is an investment in the future."
">Now for the differences:

• Environment: 73% of Young Canadians feel it is important but only 61% of Young Americans do
• Terrorism: 65% of Young Americans feel the topic is important while less than half of Canadians do
• Marriage: 39% of Young Americans are married, only 25% of Young Canadians are
• 45% of Young Americans report owning a home, only 35% of Canadians do
• Education: 76% of Young Canadians have 'some college' at least, only 68% of Young Americans do
• Only 13% of Young Americans report being full-time students while 17% of Canadians do

Samantha McAra, Ipsos Senior Research Manager said, "[These] numbers demonstrate the cultural and value differences... but also highlight the fact that the younger generation is highly educated and engaged in the world... understanding the way they think and their values will also give marketers a clearer vision as to where and how they spend."

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