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BizReport : October 19, 2009 Archive

October 19, 2009 Archive

Internet | October 19, 2009

Broadband access major consideration for Brits buying homes

British house buyers have many things to consider when choosing a home. Is it in a quiet area? Does it have good public transport access? Are there good schools/pubs/shops nearby? And then there's the latest deal-breaker - does it have good broadband access? >>

Advertising | October 19, 2009

Do ads focusing on the recession turn consumers off?

Does making reference to the recession in an advertisement make consumers feel drawn towards it or turned off? A new survey from Adweek Media and Harris Interactive finds that, on the whole, consumers don't really care. >>

Research | October 19, 2009

Online conversion rates up but satisfaction down

New research reveals that online retail and ecommerce businesses have improved their conversion rates in the past 12 months, but far from all are happy with their conversion rates. >>

Research | October 19, 2009

For consumers, Internet crucial to brand awareness

Brands and marketers have long known that the Internet is a good way to give consumers more product information. Many, however, may not realize how much consumers are now relying on the Web to find product information and to make informed purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to medical information. >>

Advertising | October 19, 2009

Now you can map retargeted ads

As if retargeting ads to consumers who have clicked but not purchased were not enough, now retargeting firm FetchBack has launched a new tool which allows marketers to map the engagement level for the ads. Using the tool, marketers can review how retargeted ads performed to determine how to better retarget in the future, creating a better conversion rate. >>