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BizReport : October 9, 2009 Archive

October 9, 2009 Archive

Research | October 09, 2009

Ofcom studies how kids think search results are ranked

Results of a recent Ofcom study in the UK found that around one-third of British school children believe Google ranks search results based on how true the source is. >>

Advertising | October 09, 2009

Is targeting consumers by ethnicity racist?

Do you consider a potential customer's ethnicity when developing your marketing campaigns and promotional material? If not, new survey findings from Practical eCommerce may compel you to reconsider. >>

Internet | October 09, 2009

Implore your customers to think harder about passwords

Use the fact that it's National Cyber Security Awareness Month to bring to your consumers' attention the need for protecting personal information online with a well thought out password. >>

Research | October 09, 2009

Study: Consumers react more to negative statements

Your mother may have instructed you to 'accentuate the positive' but it seems that the message didn't take for the majority of adults. Instead, a new study finds, that consumers react more quickly to negative statements/words than they do to positive statements/words. So, should marketers begin creating negative campaigns? >>

Advertising | October 09, 2009

Borrell Associates: Local ad forecast bright in '10

Although 2009 will not go down in any record books as a great year for online advertising, the outlook for 2010 is much brighter - especially for local marketers. Next year, local online is expected to bring in nearly $15 billion, a 5% increase over expected 2009 numbers. >>

Advertising | October 09, 2009

MTV, InsightExpress find subtlety works on consumers

If you think your next online campaign needs to be flashy, noisy and aggressive, think again. A new report from MTV Networks and InsightExpress finds that consumers are more likely to react and engage to lighter, softer ads than to flasy, aggressive ads. >>