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BizReport : October 5, 2009 Archive

October 5, 2009 Archive

Ecommerce | October 05, 2009

Study: Online retailers prefer social, retail chains choose mobile

A new study from research and advisory company Retail Systems Research LLC shows a difference in choice of high value e-commerce opportunities among emerging technologies between retail chains and merchants who conduct most of their business online. >>

Social Marketing | October 05, 2009

Why do women outnumber men on major socnets?

A social media guru has published statistics that prove what many have known for some time - women are the dominant sex on social networking hubs. But why? >>

Advertising | October 05, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: 8% of consumers account for the majority of display ad clicks

Did you know that, when it comes to display advertising, you may be engaging less than 10% of the online population? Does that make you more nervous about launching that next campaign? It should. According to new research from comScore and Starcom USA, 85% of display ad clicks are coming from roughly 8% of the online population. >>

Advertising | October 05, 2009

Fetchback, Coremetrics partner for simpler retargeting

If you think retargeting ads to consumers who have left your ecommerce site is too hard, think again. Advertising retargeter Fetchback has partnered with marketing optimization firm Coremetrics to give marketers even more control over retargeting ads. The new platform gives online businesses the ability to syndicate information about site visitors to Fetchback's Retargeting tool by dragging and dropping the information. >>

Research | October 05, 2009

Study: All ages concerned with privacy issues

When it comes to private information it isn't only Boomers and Seniors who have concerns. Contrary to popular belief, the younger generations are also concerned about their private information - despite the fact that most have always used computers and the Internet. >>