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BizReport : Search Marketing : September 28, 2009

Do you know the value of non-clicks?

When it comes to marketing lately, everyone seems to be focused on click value. How long between a click and a purchase? What exactly does that click mean? But, according to some research, there is potentially more value in a non-click than in a click. How? And why? These are questions I posed to Cheryl Kelland, SVP of Advertising for ChoiceStream.

by Kristina Knight

"[Click value] goes beyond pure view-through," Ms. Kelland said. "A consumer sees an ad or a recommendation and later on they conduct a search and then they go through to make a purchase. Display ads, in particular, have strong impact on search behaviors and also in going to a store to make a purchase."

Research shows that display ads can generate a 60% lift in click through rates on search results. The key is to target and then personalize the messages so that the right message gets to the consumer at the right time.

"Until about a year ago personalization wasn't a priority [for brands/marketers]," said Ms. Kellond. "We've seen that turn in the past year. Personalization is now number one. It creates brand loyalty and it enhances campaign ROI. It is really measurable and retailers are recognizing that personalization is one of the best things they can do [to engage consumers]."

Kellond says the real problem, for new online marketers and even experienced marketers, is to understand the incremental sales. Marketers must get better at understanding how display ads impact organic search, search engine marketing, email open rates and email engagement. She also suggests that testing can make or break a campaign.

"It sounds trite but with a lot of the cost cutting marketing have gotten sloppy on the test front. There are so many [testing options] out there to help marketers understand testing. We're working with our advertisers to link attributions together. Then, you have to personalize the message as much as possible to get more granular and earn brand loyalty - and that next purchase."

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