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BizReport : September 16, 2009 Archive

September 16, 2009 Archive

Trends & Ideas | September 16, 2009

Social media on marketers' menu for 2010

It looks like social media is on the menu for most marketers next year. A survey of almost 2,000 MediaPost subscribers found that over half plan to have "a presence on social networks" as part of their marketing mix in 2010. >>

Research | September 16, 2009

Are you evaluating your agency's performance?

How often do you schedule an evaluation of your digital, PR or marketing agency's performance? According to a new survey by the Association of National Advertisers, the majority of marketers regularly conduct formal agency performance evaluations. >>

Ecommerce | September 16, 2009 Online shopping outpacing offline spending

Shoppers on a leading online cashback and coupons website spent more this year than last, despite the doom and gloom of recession, demonstrating that consumers aren't necessarily holding on to their dollars but instead are making sure they get the best bang for their buck. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 16, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: Why mobile search is different than typical search

Although still quite different a new whitepaper from the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) indicates that the gap between mobile searchers and Internet searchers is lessening. Meaning that marketers should begin to see some overlap between mobile and Internet campaigns; however, this is not an indicator that a 'one size fits all' approach to search marketing is in order. >>

Social Marketing | September 16, 2009

Why brands should monitor Twitter - now

When it comes to social networks, Twitter is the current 'in' place. But many brands, businesses and marketers are still avoiding the micro-blogging hotspot. Why? Because they don't understand the concept of micro-blogging or why it is important. The problem? Whether brands are there or not, consumers are - and they are talking about you. >>

Trends & Ideas | September 16, 2009

Fetchback launches bidding platform

The next step in advertising retargeting is here: a bidding system to help marketers better control retargeted advertising campaigns. The platform was launched by Fetchback this week and allows marketers to set a maximum price they wish to pay to have a retargeted ad served to a consumer. The platform then price based on performance and available ad inventory. >>