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BizReport : September 2, 2009 Archive

September 2, 2009 Archive

Advertising | September 02, 2009

Eyeblaster: New display ad formats demand new ad metrics

As display advertising evolves, so does the way in which consumers' engagement with those ads is measured. Enter "dwell time". >>

Social Marketing | September 02, 2009

Brand marketing on socnets not influencing women

It's well known that women are highly engaged with social media. They blog, they review, they socialize on networks such as Facebook. But what's not so well-known is that they aren't particularly influenced by brands present in those spaces. >>

Social Marketing | September 02, 2009

comScore: 1 in 5 U.S. display ads served on socnets

Recent figures released by comScore demonstrate the growing acceptance of social networks to marketers in the U.S. >>

Research | September 02, 2009

Forecast: Mobile to skyrocket this year

Before year's end, many more marketers may be on the mobile bandwagon. According to a new forecast from Gartner mobile advertising will increase by more than three-quarters by year's end. That should bring mobile ad revenue to just over $913 million, however, the real push is still a few years off. >>

Research | September 02, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: Why you should target students

When it comes to spending the younger generations may have a leg up on their parents and grandparents - even if the parents and grandparents technically have more money than the kids. That, according to a new Harris Interactive/Alloy Media + Marketing poll. According to the research the 13.8 million college students going back to school this fall holds a record $250 billion in discretionary spending. This is an important concept to grasp, especially for new online businesses. Etailers to online brands need to know how different consumer groups are spending in order to target most effectively. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 02, 2009

Partnership allows tracking across multiple mobile publishers

Mobile marketers take note. A new partnership between Eyeblaster and Ringleader Digital could help track consumers throughout the mobile space, giving marketers a better handle on how to target them. The platform offers mobile marketers the ability to serve ads through multiple mobile publishers and track consumers across different publishing hubs as well. >>