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BizReport : Advertising archives : August 31, 2009

Study: Placement and design key to in-game ad success

If advertisers adhere to a few rules, in-game advertising is an effective channel via which to target the growing number of gamers from a wide range of age groups, found recent research from gamematrix and the University of Offenburg.

by Helen Leggatt

gamematrix report cover.jpgEven though gamers are absorbed in their gaming environments, advertising can get through and is even accepted by gamers, as long as a few rules are observed.

Such are the findings of a study from gamematrix and the University of Offenburg, in Germany, which studied 65 gamers playing a soccer simulation (FIFA08) and a racing game (Need for Speed ProStreet).

As one might expect, in-game advertising doesn't necessarily follow the same rules as other channels. While there is still a need for an eye-catching creative, logos and lettering need to be distinct and easily readable so they can be instantly absorbed at a glance, particularly in fast-moving environments.

And, found the report (.pdf), ad placement is the key. Annoying pop-up ads, ads placed in places where ads aren't normally to be found and formats that interfere with game-play are all guaranteed to annoy gamers.

Conversely, real-life placements work well, such as billboards surrounding a soccer match, roadside billboards and branding on race vehicles.

The placement of actual products, such as electronic equipment, clothing or even product dispensers such as Pepsi machines and McDonalds kiosks (The Sims) are also acceptable provided they are displayed within the right context and add to overall game realism.

"Product advertising only works in context with the brand, otherwise it remains unnoticed", said Carsten Szameitat, research leader for gamematrix. "Brands strongly benefit from in-game advertising as their recognition rates increase by 30%."

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