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BizReport : Email Marketing : August 28, 2009

JangoMail CEO talks about the relevance of email

Email may be the grandparent of online marketing, but it is still relevant. Although rich media, online video and even interactive display ads are now making headlines, when marketers want tried-and-true response, most are still turning to email. Enter companies such as JangoMail, which offer marketers simpler ways of creating, sending and measuring email correspondence.

by Kristina Knight

I had the chance to chat with JangoMail CEO Ajay Goel a few days ago; Mr. Goel believes email will continue to be an important advertising medium because of the measurement factor. He is seeing a trend toward increased email authentication, which should help marketing messages reach the inbox.

"Marketers are embracing sender ids and domain keys and they are sending more targeted, relevant and personal emails," said Goel. "From a spam/filtering angle, ISPs are watching how consumers are interacting with emails to determine which messages should be sent to the inbox and which should be placed in the spam folder."

One recent addition to JangoMail's offerings is a relay system which helps marketers send more personalized messages to their lists rather than sending one message to hundreds of list members. Another benefit? Marketers can keep better track of what messages were sent and received.

"Businesses need to keep track of to whom emails were sent to/from. This system allows any users to see to whom they have sent emails, how many emails have been sent and even verify delivery. If there was a lawsuit and a person claimed not to have received an email, they could look back through the log and determine when it was sent and when it was received," said Goel.

Looking ahead to 2010, Goel expects things in email marketing to continue pushing forward.

"There is a lot of talk about the relevance of email versus social networking and Twitter, but email still tends to be the backbone. Messages on Facebook are still sent in email, consumers are connected to blogs/RSS feeds by emails," said Goel. "So, I don't see much changing in the next few months."

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