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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : August 31, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: Tips for running better contests

Ask any author, movie producer or screenwriter what they best traffic driver is and their answer will likely be: contests. A well-run contest can drive several hundred more hits per day for the length of the contest. Why? Because consumers love free stuff: free books, free appliances, free gift cards. But, the biggest benefit isn't the traffic - it is the lead generation.

by Kristina Knight

Every contest entry form should include a clickable box for future contact - and it should be checked from the moment it is uploaded to the website so that the consumer needs only to read it and move on. That information is a goldmine that too many marketers aren't utilizing. Many don't add contest traffic to their lead information folder. They don't send these leads newsletter information, 'welcome' packets or any other helpful information. This is the first tip into running a better online contest.

Next, make the contest interesting. Don't just offer something of interest to the consumer base. A self-help author running a contest with a grand prize including math tutorial handbooks won't work. But a romance author who runs a contest for a batch of romance novels? That will work - and bring in the traffic.

According to Wildfire Interactive, a group of app developers and designers, "Contests that focus on topics that people feel passionate about tend to generate interest. . .contests that focus on pets, children, sports, hobbies (cooking and travel) and affinity groups."

Finally, make the entry simple. Don't make the consumer traipse across their town looking for a rare product. For a brand selling cameras, allow for consumers to quickly snap a photo and send it in. For an author, asking the consumer to find a picture of a rare tropical plant related to a book won't work, but allowing the consumer to write in the name of that rare tropical plant will work.

A well run contest is very beneficial to marketers and brands. Not only does it increase traffic, but a fun contest is likely to quickly become viral as friends tell friends about it. The potential for a big lead generation is there, as long as the contest is simple and fun.

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  • Our goal is to have people contact us to buy our products and services. The business people that go after a large amount of clicks on their site are missing the point. I would rather have 2000 people per day on our site

    with 200 buying from us than have 200,000 people click in and leave that site because they are not in need of our products at that time.

    Our firm was with GoogleAds for several years and paid a large monthly bill of $6000 to $10,000 but we soon learned that we were in some type of click factory where people were paying to have clicks as a cash stream for their "Directory Site".

    Finally we stopped using the PPC concept because of the fraud on the part of many players in that arena. Google would turn a blind eye because they are making a tremendous amount of money in the PPC business.

    I hope this is useful info for someone because I rarely take time to write in this format.

  • Great article.

    Good marketing is about getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time... and doing it at a cost that works for your business.

  • 66epp2

    Google Ad Sense Message Boards Fraud

    Google Ad Sense is when a web site owner opens an account with Google to place advertisement on their web site. When a person clicks this advertisement, the web site owner gets an average commission of .45 cents. A web site that gets a lot of traffic, they can easily make $150,000 per month.

    There are message boards claiming to be informing the public about scams being done by companies or individuals. These web sites have individuals working for them for the sole purpose of targeting companies or individuals in order to generate traffic to the web site. This method is artificially generating traffic to the web site, this is FRAUD as outlined by Google. The higher the traffic, the higher the percentage of individuals that will click onto the Google advertisements.

    Additionally, Individuals post copy right information about a company on these types of web sites; this is against the policy of the Google Ad Sense program.

    If you believe that you are being targeted by individuals on a particular web site; simply click the Ads by Google in the bottom right hand corner of the advertisement on the web site. You will be taken to a Google page, click onto: Report a policy violation regarding the site or ads you just saw.

    File a report and the Google Fraud Department will investigate.



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