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BizReport : August 27, 2009 Archive

August 27, 2009 Archive

Ecommerce | August 27, 2009

Amazon asks customers for packaging feedback

In November, 2008, Amazon introduced new packaging that would help eliminate "wrap rage" while reducing waste and helping the environment. Now Amazon is getting its customers wrapped up in the packaging debate, too. >>

Social Marketing | August 27, 2009

Forrester Research: Facebook getting more grays

A new report from Forrester Research demonstrates that social networking is becoming as much as part of adult lives as it is teens and twenty-somethings. >>

Advertising | August 27, 2009

Yahoo changes up email, messenger, mobile offerings

In an effort to remain relevant and perhaps have a better shot at taking on online giant Google, Yahoo is pushing a few traditional offerings. This week the company announced changes to their email, messenger and mobile programs. But, perhaps the biggest move? An improved search results page which will give 'personally relevant results' to consumer queries. >>

Advertising | August 27, 2009

MTV video player pushes contextually relevant ads

A new video ad offering from MTV Networks could have a bright future with advertisers and consumers alive. Called "The Scrubber" the new custom video player inserts ad content throughout the course of the program being viewed, leading to a potentially bigger engagement score for the consumer watching. >>

Research | August 27, 2009

Managed services up despite economy

Despite the down economy, managed services are getting a boost of late. According to a recent Forrester Research report nearly 20% of IT professionals are purchasing more managed services. Nearly half (47%) of Enterprise respondents and just over one-third (37%) of small business respondents report purchasing managed/outsourced services. >>

Loyalty Marketing | August 27, 2009

Report: The Case for Revamping Rewards Programs

Over the past few years, loyalty programs have been said to be the saviors of online and offline retailers. A new study tosses cold water on that thought. According to Direct Antidote, 68% of consumers find some loyalty program content to be non-relevant to their needs. >>

Research | August 27, 2009

Health: A new spam concern?

Now the elderly and/or ill have another concern: spam. According to the latest information from Symantec's MessageLabs, health information websites have been targeted by short URL spam. Short URL spam is one of the new, and now leading, concerns for spam. The fact that short URL spammers are targeting health sites is a double edged sword: not only are those concerned with health at risk of being tricked but legitimate health sites' reputations could be harmed. >>