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BizReport : June 9, 2009 Archive

June 9, 2009 Archive

Search Marketing | June 09, 2009

Google Local woos offline local businesses with analytics

Google is encouraging offline small businesses to claim their listing profiles on Google Local by giving them access to a free Google Analytics-esque dashboard. >>

Email Marketing | June 09, 2009

iPost's Predictive Analytics helps boost revenue

If you think the best you can do with email marketing is engage existing, active consumers think again. A new report from email marketing analytics firm iPost and skincare brand Perricone MD shows that dormant consumers can be reengaged with the right email marketing approach. >>

Research | June 09, 2009

Mintel: Offline WOM trumps online

New research from Mintel shows that despite the role the Internet plays in most of our lives, word of mouth is still more influential when used offline. >>

Search Marketing | June 09, 2009

Report: Churn may be spoiling local search

Local search may not hold the golden egg that marketers are in search of in these hard economic times. According to a new report from Borrell Associates, although local search is helping marketers in the short-term, in the long-term it is not. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 09, 2009

Is it time to app?

Unless you've been hiding under a mobile rock - or ignoring your kids - you know all about apps. Applications for mobiles that allow the user to play a game, find a local retailer, file an insurance claim...and the list goes on. However, all apps are not created equally and the question many marketers are asking is: Is it time to app? >>

Ecommerce | June 09, 2009

English-only websites stunt global reach

The Internet has opened up the world. Online retailers can sell to anyone, anywhere. But can folk in far-flung corners of the globe easily find your website, and even if they could, would they be able to understand it? >>