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BizReport : Research archives : May 14, 2009

Get the most from green ads

An expanded metrix from comScore could help marketers get a better grasp on green communities, consumers and advertising campaigns. comScore has released the Green Expanded Category to show marketers where green consumers live online.

by Kristina Knight

A favored hub for greenies is NaturalPath Media. The online network boasts 12.4 million unique users and 77 million page views in April, more than either Yahoo! Green or Matter Network, two green competitors.

By ranking green networks, marketers can determine both how to focus and where to focus green efforts in the online space. Although no green network should be ignored, the bigger the network is the more attention it should be given because of the potential reach.

"The launch of comScore's green category illustrates just how rapidly the sustainable and healthy living segment is expanding," said Jim Van Huysse, president of NaturalPath Media. "Through our network of over 190 premium publishers, we are able to amass the largest concentration of 'conscious consumers', providing a rich environment for brands to market their sustainable and healthy products and initiatives."

Is it important to focus on green initiatives? Each day it becomes moreso.

According to a recent study, older consumers are most willing to pay more for sustainable goods, but younger consumers feel they have a good grasp on what can be done to help the environment. With all age groups agreeing that green consciousness is necessary, it makes sense for marketers to exploit their green efforts, packaging and products to engage consumers.

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  • Agency

    I can not say that I fully understand the irrelevant banter between you three, but what I can say is that comScore and Nielsen are the only credible measurement platforms online that provide an accurate comparison between multiple properties. NaturalPath Media, Yahoo! Green, MSN Green, PlanetGreen and Matter Network are a few of the leaders in this category and therefore will garner 80% of the budgets allocated to reach this audience. Fragmented blogs and reach with small vertical and remnant networks like SustaineLane are great for small endemic buys, but do not provide enough measurable reach or scale to make it cost effective for us to spend the time to buy direct. With aggregation platforms and large networks, we can access inventory anywhere at any given time. We appreciate companies like NaturalPath Media that participate in comScore and create premium packages that we can measure and integrate at scale.

  • Jill Williams

    These rankings are such a joke. Compete, quantcast, comscore, nielsen, etc., I read that there are over 50 different web ranking companies, and depending on how they measure, and who pays to sign-up, these at best are a rough approximation of the truth, with many sites and networks not counted. Comscore is one of the most aggressive in getting sites to sign-up, and they are also one of the most aggressive in marketing their "lists" to the press. There is no shortage of web space to sell these days, green or otherwise. The companies with the best networks will be proven out in time by the ones that thrive long-term. In the meantime, these lists are just more garbage filling the content for another day on the net. JW

  • katie

    If you think unbiased, accredited third party measurement matters, comScore (or Quantcast for that matter!) is a little more reliable than self-reported metrics. That is if you think accuracy is critical.

  • Josef

    If you think bigger is better, sustainlane green ad network is more than twice bigger than the other networks you mentioned. That is if you think size is critical.



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